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Life of Node highlights a story about a robot who learns lessons from its friends and vice versa. These lessons range from social media mental health to consent. Throughout this series, the robots go through conflicts and decisions they have to face in life. Their friendship may not be perfect but they try to understand each other. 



    2. Main Characters    


Mini she/her

Node's friend. They've known each other since childhood. She is very active on social media and very family oriented. She is currently a highschool student finishing up her lasy year

Pink Social Media Post Instagram Templat

Node they/them (main character)

Node is in their 1st year of University. It can get overwhelming a lot of the time. Node is not close with their family much.


Vector he/him

Vector is very shy. He does struggle with moving out with himself. He has known Node since 2 months ago and he has been a big help to his self esteem. 

   3. Secondary Characters    



Node's cat who keeps on stealing stuff. 


Node's Uncle

Node's uncle and Node does not have a good relationship. 



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Social Media


1. Introducing: Mini and Vector

2.Social Media Validation

3. Teamwork: bowling

4. Body Positivity

5. Consent

6. Where is my scarf?

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About me

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Hi, my name is Eunice Yeung and I am currently a fourth year student in New Media at Ryerson University. My professeur back when I went to Singapore for exchange, worked on the set of Shaun the Sheep which is one of my favourite stop motions. I really liked the insight he gave me. He allowed me to touch the sheep figure. It was made out of plasticine. The parts were very movable and flexible. 

He mentioned that what was important was building a storyboard because if there’s no good story, the film is almost useless. You can have really good production quality but if the storyline isn’t good, it makes it unengaging. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work in stop motion such as pre-production, production, and post-production. Before production, it was important to make sure that the figures were flexible, clean, and stable. It is important to think about the different characteristics each character has. During production, he showed me a program called dragon frame which is a video shooting program. He also showed me different kinds of lighting and equipment. For production, he showed me different editing techniques. 

These things bring a stop motion to life. Watching Shaun the sheep and seeing the set, evoked positivity. I really like looking at the characters because of the design and movement. It felt like a bunch of puzzle pieces being put together to form one character. I think I can display the set physically and show the finished stop motion virtually. Visitors can walk around to see the figures. It is very interesting seeing the set of stop motion because it shows the progress. I can put it on social media as well so everyone has access to the film.

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